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XG MIDI files

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Sorted and described files
I did my best to recognize melodies, but these humble resulst show all that is somehow assosiated in my brain with musicians and song name simultaneously

Pink Floyd 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'
Pink Floyd 'Another Brick in the Wall'
AC/DC 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Frank Sinatra 'My Way'
Bob Marley 'I shot the sheriff'
Metallica 'Creeping Death'
W.A.S.P. 'Easy living'
Europe 'Final Countdown'
Joe Dassin 'Ma musique'
Robert Miles 'Children'
Robert Miles 'One and One'
U96 "Das Boot"
2 Unlimited 'No limit'
Genesis 'I Can Dance'
Duran Duran 'Let's Dance'
Pet Shop Boys 'Go West'
Joan Osborne 'One of us'
Enigma 'Age of Innosence'
The Spice Girls 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
Smashing Pumpkins 'Here's Today'
The Stranglers 'Golden Brown'
Vangelis 'Finale'
Toto 'Rosanna'
BeeGees 'How Deep Is Your Love'
The Bangles 'Walk Like An Egyptian'

Music from 'Top Gun' movie

Sorted and described files with help of visitors
In order of submission, I'll do sorting later

Enigma 'Principles of Lust' (Ole H. - visit his MIDI homepage)
Cherry & Youssou n'Dour '7 seconds' (Ole H. - visit his MIDI homepage)
Phil Collins 'Against All Ods' (magicm@indy.net)
Genesis 'In the Cage' (magicm@indy.net)
Genesis 'Supper's Ready' (magicm@indy.net)
Steely Dan 'Josie' (magicm@indy.net)
Lenny Kravitz 'Are you Going My Way' (magicm@indy.net)
Tears For Fears 'Shout' (magicm@indy.net)
Phil Collins 'Two Hearts' (John F. Malaise)
UB40 'Baby I Love Your Way' (John F. Malaise)
The Bangles 'Walk Like an Egyption' (John F. Malaise)
The Doobie Brothers 'What a Fool Believes' (John F. Malaise)
Enigma 'End of Innocence' (John F. Malaise)
Enigma 'End of Innocence' (another version) (John F. Malaise)
Genesis 'A Trick of the Tail' (another version) (John F. Malaise)
Uwe Pryka 'Solar Knight' (Uwe Pryka)
Uwe Pryka 'Stupido' (Uwe Pryka)
Uwe Pryka's KISS cover 'Sure Know Something' (Uwe Pryka)
Prodigy 'One Love' (Rick)
The Grid 'The Grid' (Rick)
Queen 'I Want It All' (Ashfield Postmaster)
Spice Girls 'Say You'll Be There' (Zethy)
Prodigy 'Breathe' (Kirill Panyushkin)
Depeche Mode 'Blasphemous Rumours' (Kirill Panyushkin)
Faithless 'Insomnia' (Kirill Panyushkin)
U2 'Without You' (Albertas Slavinskis)
Capella 'U Got to Let the Music (Albertas Slavinskis)
Tom Warfield 'Unsettled' (Albertas Slavinskis)
Spice Girls '2 Becomes 1' (Albertas Slavinskis)
The Grid 'Swamp Thing' (Albertas Slavinskis)
Green Day 'Basket Case' (Albertas Slavinskis)
Enya 'Book of Days' (Jordan)
Vangelis 'Finale' (Kirk Jones)

Thanks all you guys

New Unsorted. Please, write me song names and musicians (with file names)

onemix Sounds cool
alphavx1 Alphaville?
alphavx1 Alphaville?
ano1xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano2xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano3xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano4xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano5 All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano6xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano7xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano8xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
ano9xg All ano*.mid - superb collection
anoaxg All ano*.mid - superb collection
arcturus Techno
asfarxg Nothing special
asiaxg Cool asian music
bop_on Jazzy
borg Cool
breeze2 Calm
chatshow Calm
class_xg Classical
cool Hmm... Cool :)
cybercat Very well made pop techno
dontlook "Don't Look"
echo Cool
empty Cool
exstasia Quite Cool
extasy Cool
flower4 Bullshit
forgmem "Forgotten Memories"?
funkysen Sound stange but interesting
fuzzyd~1 Funny
genius Cool
girlsaid Cool techno
glass Calm music
havfears Ultra long and rather strange
hellissi Good
hip_op3 Cool
i-summer Strange
iam Good
ind31xg Calm
int31xg Cool
itsok Japanese
lrider Nothing special
magiclgt Cool
miditat2 Techno
mix_02 Quite cool
mornin~1 Brrrrr
nvm Calm
oceanv~2 Stupid
outnig~2 Nothing special
reality More or less funny
remix1 Worth of hearing
sensortr Cool
shellshk Original sound
solitu~1 Nothing special
spain2 Spain
stardu~3 Nothing special
sunrise2 Sunrise
swed- Cool calm music
tubbell3 Nothing special
underbr What't that? Talking watch?
untitled Have you played Magic Carpet? Something like that

Unsorted. Please, write me song names and musicians (with file names)

1stacid Don't know what is it, sound good
after_xg Cool calm music
arden Cool calm music
bambooze Bambooze. Very funny and speedy and folky
blues_xg Nothing special
chillie Sounds cool
domtnkxg Nothing special
down2 Cool guitar
dream_xg Calm music
energypl Well made
espagnol Some spanish guitar music
exper Nothing special
farworld Rather stupid
feel_nrg Cool techno music
finbiz Nothing special
fragile2 Cool music
garden Some calm music
hat_xg Nothing special
hope_xg Nothing special
hypno_xg Good music
itchycoo Nothing special
josie Nothing special
layhat Nothing special
ltblv_xg Jazz
marin Cool music
medicine Calm, funny
metropol Well done, calm
mybandxg Rather noisy
native Asian
nitestar Nothing special
odys1_xg Nothing special
orstrmxg Cool music, well made
paranoia Bullshit
prestige Nothing special
pulse1 Nothing special
quiver Nothing special
rainbow8 Nothing special
rainyday Sax and phono
rant2b Bullshit
rck-fnk3 Nothing special
reinfoxg Nothing special
release Nothing special
remakxg4 Nothing special
remix_02 Nothing special
retracin Nothing special
revchild Bullshit
ringmoon Well made
romeo_xg Nothing special
sealife Cool and more or less calm. Sealife...
sftltexg Nothing special
shellshk So-so
shepherd Some Scotch pipers?
silentnt Some more pipers?
simian Annoying
sirtaki Cool sirtaki
skeletor Nothing special
skybro Calm music
skydive Bullshit
slider More or less...
slikko Good slap bass
smack_xg Good
smoky Good
smooth Calm and cool
sniffie Nothing special
snowg_xg Calm
som_isle Cool samba
sonicdub Nothing special
sonicsuf Nothing special
sonic_xg Same as sonicdub
southotb Bullshit
spacecat Nothing special
spartans Really cool
spitem More or less
st-vit2 More or less
st-vitus The same thing, but better sequenced
starwars Nothing special
stikskip Nothing special
storm Calm
stormfro Nothing special
stupidis Pop
stupidxg Bullshit
stygia Annoying
suavesax Cool sax
sumj Nothing special
summer Good calm music
sundance Nothing special
sundayxg Nothing special
sunrise Nothing special
sweet_xg Nothing special
synrgcxg Nothing special
tangelo Nothing special
tannbaum Some more pathetic pipers ;)
tears_xg Nothing special
techno3 I don't think it's a techno of any kind
techno4 And this, eigther
technom This really sound like techno
tektoys Cool
terminal More or less
terr Cool, well made
tgu Nothing special
thatswhn Nothing special
thelight Extremely annoying and long
the_loss Some cacophony
thing3 Bullshit
tiamat Tiamat
times More or less
timtabxg Calm
today Nothing special
torrent Some guitar music
trance_u Well made
trippy2 Some calm music
trulvexg More or less
truth Nothing special
tub_xg Nothing special
turboon Nothing special
twice_xg Calm
van_xg Nothing special
viajero More or less
victory Nothing special
virtu_l Nothing special
waiting Well made techno
warhawk2 Funny
warm1 Jungle
water_xg More or less
wdoflfxg More or less
we3kings Pipers, again
wewishu And again pipers
whale Good
whatchldHey, say me what is it? I heard it many times...
whnuneed Nothing special
whowants Nothing special
whynotry More or less
wild_div Nothing special
woman_xg Nothing special
wstwdhil Nothing special
w_moons Well made
x-cita Nothing special
x-cited2 Nothing special
xccutexg Nothing special
xgkglory More or less
xgpdstny More or less
xgstleu More or less
xgteardr Nothing special
xgtechno Bullshit
xg_ntfst NTFS... hmmm... nothing special
xmasbell Hmmm... Xmas pipers?
xtortion Very well drum and techno sound
yargn_xg Nothing special
yougot More or less
zero-ge Funny

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